News of Christ’s Soon Return

Prophetic News

Milwaukee is in the grip of the worst violence in its modern history. There were 189 killings here last year, a 93% increase from 2019 and the most ever recorded.

How Our TV Obsession Shapes How We Eat, Dress, Travel and Live

In Shift, Israel Quietly Allows Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount

Violence, the Media and Your Brain

Soaring Cost of Food Is Forcing Families to Scrimp at the Dinner Table

School Officials Beg Biden and FBI for Protection Against Threats From ‘Angry Mobs’

Are People Angrier Nowadays? And What Can We Do To Manage It?

Earth and the Moon Are Growing Apart

U.S. to declare 23 species, including ivory-billed woodpecker, officially extinct

Want to live forever? Theoretically, you could, study says


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